1791 Fair Chase Deer Skin IWB Holster Size 4 Brown - 1971 Gun Holsters

  • $59.99

Handcrafted from American Whitetail Deer Hide

👉 1791 Fair Chase holsters are made using wild and ethically harvested fair chase Whitetail deer hide. Together with our meticulous handcrafting and superior design, the Fair Chase holster delivers our most comfortable and concealable holster ever.

📏 Fits for Hellcat Pro, Shield EZ 380 / 9mm & Equalizer, Ruger SR 22, Walther PK .380, Taurus G3C, Walther PPS / CCP, Shield Plus 2 .45, KELTEC P17, Sig P 365 X Pro, FN 509C, Honor Guard .9, FNS 9