Gun Cleaning Mat by PH - Measures 11" x 17" 3 mm Thick | Oil and Solvent Resistant Padded Non-Slip | Compatible with compact to large guns | For Maintenance or repairs to your firearm (Flag+Soldier)

  • $14.95

Popular Holsters Gun Cleaning Mat | Oil and Solvent Resistant.

✔️ Best quality cleaning mat for the maintainment of your firearms, secure and reliable long term.

💯 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Comfortable and resistant to spills and scratches, keep your space organized.

✌️ Non-slippery, best size for easy handling of your gun, supplies, and every tool in your work space.

💪 Oil and solvent-resistant, made for long life and the choice for the maintainment and repair enthusiast.

🆗 Help to protect your gun and your table when performing a periodic maintenance with order and security.

👉 Built for many size firearms, you'll have enough working space without the risk of losing parts.

🚩 Use our products with confidence, it won't curl or slip. Keeping everything in place.

🔧 From compact to full size guns, they will fit even when disassembled, providing comfortable space for working on them.

✨ The padded mat provides resistance to liquid spills, like oil or solvent you could be using, adding durability and cleanliness.

🇪🇸 Tapete de limpieza de armas, protege tu banco de trabajo y la superficie de tu pistola. Cómodo y confiable.

🔎 Check everything before cleaning the gun in your mat.

✔️ Never clean your gun with anyone else in the room.

✔️ Avoid distractions like listening music or TV while cleaning your gun.

✔️ Wear eye protection while cleaning your gun.

✔️ Frequently check the muzzle of the gun.

✔️ Don't store your Ammunitions in the gun's cleaning room.

✔️ The gun's cleaning room shouldn't be used to unload the ammo.