IWB Magazine and Multi Use Holster - by Houston -Concealment Clip Fits Most Double Stack 9mm / .40 Cal. for Compact Sizes Like Glock 26/27, Sig P365 (Double Medium Compact Double Stack 9mm /.40 Cal)

  • $23.16

ECO LEATHER Concealment Magazine Main Characteristics:

 Compact / Sub Compact DOUBLE STACK MEASURES:

 Medium Compact Double Stack 9mm/.40 Cal: (CHMPD2-6 Model)

Fits Most Compact & Sub Compact Double Stack 9mm / .40 Cal Like:

Glock 26 / 27, 30, M&P Shield .45, M&P 9 Compact, FNS 9 Compact, Sig Sauer P365, P224, P320 Sub Compact, Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact, Kel-Tec P11, Ruger SR9 Compact, XD Mod 2, XD .45 Mod 2, Taurus PT140 Millennium G2, Taurus 24/7 G2.

  Main Characteristics:

This holster is one of the Houston new releases, carefully designed to carry on day-to-day use.

This holster is very safe, easy and confrontable to use as concealment.

Is water and sweat proof and resistant.

It combines the very soft texture of treated ECO-leather with the precise hold of a flexible metal clip.

Provided also of a new passive retention system that leads to a quick draw in a risky situation.

Note: Please see image with Size and descriptions to find the right size for your Magazine.

If it doesn't fit your magazine, we will offer a 100% money back guarantee or exchange for the right fit/size. Your choice.