Kydex Holster by Houston Holsters | Concealed Carry Kydex Holsters Strong Metal Clip | OWB IWB Pistol Holster fits for Art KY 24/7

  • $34.03

Kydex Holster Concealed Carry for KY 24/7c with Strong Rotating Metal Clip by Houston Holsters.

🔒 Resistant Kydex Pistol Holster. Rugged, Black Color, water-resistant and washable for more durability.

👌 Easy access and holstering for a great shooting session. Resistant to high temperatures and humidity.

💪 Lightweight and comfortable to carry. A great tactical advantage for self defense or law enforcement.

📏 Fits for KY 24/7C Taurus G2 SRC, S&W MPC, Taurus G3c, 709; Springfield XDs, M&P SH45, H&K HKsk, Springfield XDE9, Walther PPS providing quick access and great retention. Rotating clip (0º or 15º) for comfort.


Funda de transporte discreta Kydex Holster para KY 24/7c con clip rotativo ajustable de Houston Holsters.

☀️ Funda resistente para pistola Kydex. Robusto, de color negro, resistente al agua y lavable para una mayor durabilidad.

👨 Compatible con KY 24/7, proporcionando un acceso rápido y una gran retención. El clip se puede rotar a 0º o 15º para mejor acceso.