Kydex IWB Black Gun Holster | Inside The Waistband Guns Holsters for Concealed Carry | Reinforced Case Clip for Strong Retention | Kydex Holster HQ for Fast Access | Fits for SAR 9 9mm

  • $34.03

Houston Kydex IWB Black Gun Holsters.

💬 Compact Case, lightweight, water-proof and sweat-proof.

↔️ Fits For SAR 9 9mm

👌 Choose the holster carry position that feels most comfortable, appendix, kidney, belly, or another, for improving your speed and accuracy.

👉 Houston Kydex Holsters offer better retention, and a good shield for your gun from scratches.

👍 Use it outdoors with confidence. Features a reinforced clip for better retention and is lined inside for enhanced security.

✅ Holds comfortably to your belly, leg, or back, doesn't have sharp corners or edges. Great for concealed carry.

➡️ Houston Kydex Holsters are easy to clean, and a great gear choice for urban environments.


✔️ Fundas Houston fabricadas en Kydex. Livianas, resistentes a la humedad y al sudor, cómodas y muy duraderas.

✔️ Clip reforzado para mejor retención. Mayor seguridad para uso urbano y defensa personal.

✔️ Escoge la posición de porte que más se adapte a tus necesidades, siempre a tu alcance para un desenfundado más veloz.