Leather Inside The Waistband Holster For Pistol Springfield XDM Elite 3.8

  • $44.95

Leather Inside the waistband concealed carry holster for Pistol Springfield XDM Elite 3.8 Maxx Carry by Popular Holsters

💪 Build with a two piece full grain premium leather and molded to the gun for great grip.

👌 vA single tempered steel spring clip provides easy removal of the holster.

👉 Features a high back that provides a shield between the body and the firearm.

👍 Designed to mount at an ideal angle for a proper firing grip

↔️ Refer to Diagram to pick correct handling side of the holster (Left or Right).

📏 Fits for Springfield XDM Elite 3.8

⚫🟤 Choose your preferred color (Black or Brown).

Funda de cuero Negra para transporte discreto para Springfield XDM Elite 3.8 de Maxx Carry by Popular Holsters

✔️ Manufacturado con cuero de primera calidad con dos piezas amoldadas a la pistola para un mejor agarre.

✔️ Un solo clip de resorte de acero templado proporciona una fácil extracción de la funda.

✔️ Selecciona tu color preferido 🟤 Marrón / ⚫ Negro