Nylon Gun + Mag Holster by Houston | IWB and Outside with Top Retention

  • $20.95

CHM Thermoform Nylon Inside waist band & Outside with Magazine Holster Small, Medium and Large Fit with linen inside for maximum Gun protection with Top Retention.
  • SMALL FIT: 1911 3", Glock 42, Kahr 380, Kahr 9, 40 & 45, Bersa 380, SCCY, Sig P938, Diamond Back 9mm.
  • MEDIUM FIT: Compact Guns like Glock 26/27/33, Shield, XDS, Ruger LC9, LC9s, Taurus 709, Taurus Pro C, Walther P22, Beretta Nano, H&K compact, SR9/40C, S&W M&Pc.
  • LARGE FIT: MID & FULL SIZES, Glocks 19/23/32/17/22/31/20/21, XDM, Ruger P95,Sig Sauers Full, Berreta PX4 Storm, FNH 9.CZ 75,H&K,S&W M&P,SR 9.