Gun Cleaning Mat by PH - Measures 12" x 36" 3 mm Thick | Rifle and Large Guns | Non-Slip Surface | Oil and Solvent Absorbent Protect Workbench | For Maintenance or repairs to your firearm (2ndAmnd)

  • $19.83

Gun Cleaning Mat by PH - Measurements 12" x 36" 3 mm Thick | Rifle and Large Guns

🔧 Fits most guns and Rifles sizes, Handguns & Shotguns all gauge sizes 12 20 410, etc.

💪 Oil and solvent-resistant, protect your working place from stains and spills, avoiding accidents.

✌️ Rubberized backing adheres the pad to the surface of the table, keeping everything in place and well organized.

🆗  Slim and lightweight, easy to move and store. Won't take much space of your garage, attic or cleaning room.

👉 Fits for long range weapons, like rifles or large handguns, ideal for hunters or sport shooters. Keep your accessories well arranged when working on your gun.

✨  Attractive looking American design, will look nice and clean on your table or workbench.


✔️ Alfombrilla de limpieza para rifles y armas largas, ayuda a mantener todo organizado y limpio mientras haces mantenimiento a tu equipo.

✔️ Resistente a líquidos y derrames, trabaja siempre con orden y limpieza con nuestra alfombrilla, hecha para durar y fácil de almacenar.

✔️ Anti deslizamientos. La seguridad ante todo, todas tus piezas en un solo sitio para evitar situaciones riesgosas en tu hogar o sitio de práctica.

🔎 Check everything before cleaning the gun in your mat.

✔️ Never clean your gun with anyone else in the room.

✔️ Avoid distractions like listening music or TV while cleaning your gun.

✔️ Wear eye protection while cleaning your gun.

✔️ Frequently check the muzzle of the gun.

✔️ Don't store your Ammunitions in the gun's cleaning room.

✔️ The gun's cleaning room shouldn't be used to unload the ammo.

Product Features

🎯[GREAT FOR SPORTS RIFLES AND LARGE FIREARMS] Our mats give you plenty of space to organize and disassemble your equipment comfortably for a good maintenance work. Before go hunting or practicing, a clean and well-functioning rifle is mandatory for yourself and others safety.

👉[NON-SLIP BACKING] The rubberized backing grips to your table or workbench, preventing the mat and your pieces from falling or spilling. You can arrange your tools with the confidence that they'll stay in place.

❇️ [KEEP CLEAN YOUR WORKING SURFACE] Resistant to oil, solvents, our cleaning pad will avoid any spills and stains in your table and the room floor, therefore protecting you from accidents and helping to maintain cleanliness in your workplace.

👌[NICE LOOKING DESIGN] An American design made for active life style people, our long rifle cleaning mat will look great in your workbench. Made for long lasting, it won't look deteriorated or stained if it is well cleaned after using.

💯[100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED] Easy to move, store, clean after use; Fits most sizes of large rifles and firearms. Durable, anti-spills, attractive looking. A great choice for both professionals or enthusiasts of hunting and shooting sports.