Shooting Range Hunting Soft Case Comfortable with Pocket and Slots for Accessories and Ammo | Discreet Tactical Pistol Carry.

  • $20.99

【 COMFORTABLE AND COMPACT SOFT CASE 】 Take your pistol and accessories for hunting or shooting range sessions. Your equipment will be organized and well protected from elements. The handle is resistant and comfortable to carry.

【 KEEP YOUR PISTOL AND AMMO AT HAND 】 For outdoors activities, our bag allows you to carry compact or medium pistols along with supplementary items. A secure strap for carrying your ammo and keep it in place. Dimensions: 10.6 in wide x 7.6 in height.

【 COMPATIBLE WITH MOLLE POUCHES 】 The case includes a MOLLE system on the back for attaching compatible tactical bags and add-ons, giving extra functionality and capacity.

【 ARRANGE YOUR ACCESSORIES EASILY 】 An extra pocket where you can put your shooting glasses or another needed item, like a flashlight or gun sight. Six built in elastic loops for accommodate double or single stack magazines.

【 GREAT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES 】 Our soft cases come in quality materials, resistant to humidity or high sunlight. Your guns and implements will be secure and protected from the elements and well arranged for practice or hunting sessions open-air.


Shooting Range Hunting Pistol Carry Soft Case by Popular Holsters.

🔦 Ample pocket for accessories and tools for your gun. No need for extra bags.

🔎 The six elastic loops assure you won't get out of space for ammo when in exteriors.

MOLLE system for adding compatible pouches and get extra space.

👍 Easy access to your weapon and accessories, nothing will be entangled or stuck when you need to use it.

👉 Versatile perfect for storing cell phone, tactical pen, keychain, GPS device, digital cameras, medical supplies, ammo, paracord or any other necessary gadgets you need.

💪 Strong materials for outdoor activities, your gun and ammo will be protected from the sun or the rain in the field.

👀 Discreet design, you can take your gun soft case anywhere without worries, comfortable and not bulky.

📏 Dimensions: Case: 10.6 in wide x 7.6 in height. Strap: 1 in wide. MOLLE strap: 3 x 3 in square.


✔️ Bolso para armas de fuego manuales, cómodo de transportar, para armas de tamaño compacto.

✔️ Compatible con estuches con tecnología modular MOLLE, ofreciendo más opciones para accesorios.

✔️ Resistente a las condiciones ambientales, su arma estará protegida tanto del sol como de la lluvia durante sus actividades al aire libre.