Revolver Shoulder Nylon Holster By Houston (Right Hand) Fits 3" to 4" Revolvers

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Revolver Shoulder Nylon Holster By Houston (Right Hand)

Fit: Most Revolvers 3" to 4 " Barrel, Cal .38 /.357 /.44 / .45 Cal


  • Vertical Revolver Carry
  • Easy Revolver Access
  • Adjustable and Confortable
  • Gun Retention
  • Water and Sweat Proof
  • Resistant to daily use

They are easy and comfortable to use, water and sweat proof and resistant to the daily use. Fits many brands and sizes of guns, left and right handed.

Provided also of a new passive retention system that leads to a quick withdrawal in a risky situation. The interiors are lined for a greater protection of the guns surfaces. Meet any high performance duty of and agent life, this concealment line holster fit into the any agent daily duty from regular to undercover daily activities.

This line it's been created to assure your security and quick response in any situation, as to keep your equipment in good condition. We also intended to get the agent a professional and high tech equipped status and look.